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Title: We'Ve Been On The Run...Final Part
Author: Me
Rating: R
Pairing: Will/Skandar
Disclaimer: So Totally Not Mine. Never Has Been Either.

Needless to say,, Will woke up when Skandar straddled him.
‘Skandar…What’s Going On?’ Will asked groggily,

His sentence was cut off by Skandar’s lips crushing up against his. Will was startled but quickly recovered to gently slip his tongue into his lovers hot slick mouth. This went on for several minutes, it didn’t even bother Will that Skandar hadn’t the chance to brush his teeth since he had woken up. They broke apart, and were just about to move to the bed when Skandar’s stomach let out a loud grumble.

‘Aww, are you hungry?’ Will asked, trying to be cute.

‘Obviously, O observant one.’ Skandar shot back

‘Do you want to go out to eat? We could go to that little sea side café I saw as I was driving back from getting flowers?’

‘Sure, I’ll go shower and get dressed, you go ask Lisa if she would like to join us.’

‘But Skan, she hates me!’

‘No Will, she doesn’t. She’s just trying to protect me.’

‘Hmmp. Fine.” Will said as he stalked out of the room. Honestly, it wasn’t so much that he thought Lisa hated him…It as more he was afraid of her, and how much she cared for Skandar. He knew that if they ever got in a fight who’s side she would take, and as vindictive as she was, it scared him. But of course, he knew in the back of his mind that if he were Skandar’s best-friend, He would hate himself for leaving.

But nevertheless, He went out to the living room where Lisa was sitting reading her latest novel; Requiem, Mass. By John Dufresne. She loved reading and went through roughly 4 or 5 books a week. He went up and sat next top her on the couch. She lowered her book and gazed at him through her turquoise reading glasses.

‘Hey, Skan wanted to know if you wanted to come to dinner with us, were going to that little sea side café by the harbor?’ He asked, hoping she would say no.

‘Of course! I would love to come, I’m way hungry.’ She responded, smiling warmly. ‘I’ll just go change into something more suitable.’ She dog-eared her page, set the book down on the coffee table, and flounced off to her room. Before she got all the way down the room she added ‘Stop worrying Will, I’m not going to bite your head off anymore.’ As if she could read his mind.

Will, smiling awkwardly to himself, picked up the book and read the back cover, it sounded like a good book. He quickly got bored and decided to go to the guest room to change as well. He dug through the clothes he had brought with him, but had not bothered to unpack. Slacks, Jeans, Shorts, Tees, Shirts, Socks, Undies, and Under Shirts were all in a jumbled mess in all of the three bags and suitcase he brought. He pulled out a pair of light-wash destroyed jeans, a skintight pale pink tee-shirt, a white belt, and a pair of flip-fops. He threw it all on and ran a hand through his hair to make it all wind-swept. He went back up to the living room to see Lisa and Skandar dressed like he had never seen them dressed.

Lisa wore a short, slouchy, black shirt, a pink tank-top with a white one over it. She had on oversized black sunglasses and was smoking a Camel Crush cigarette. Skandar we dressed in jeans that were so destroyed they barely covered anything, a broad brown leather belt, white flip-flops, and a plain white tee-shirt. Will just stared at them.

‘What?’ Skandar and Lisa asked

‘I’ve never seen you dressed like this Skan. I like it’ He responded.

‘Haha, Yeah I’ve changed my style since you’ve been gone. Let’s go guys I’m fucking starving.’

The all trooped out the door into Skandar’s Land Rover. He drove them down to the sea side café and parked on the sand. They all got out and sat at an outside table. Will and Skandar facing Lisa. A rather rough looking young waitress came over and asked for their drink orders. Will ordered tea, Skandar a Dite Coke, and Lisa a Margarita. The girl slouched off and Will stared off into the sea. He thought about nothing in particular. But the same thought kept drifting into his mind, I’m Home.

‘Yo Will!’ Lisa yelled in his face


‘You awake? You were just zoning out on us. We were asking what you wanted to do after this. Skandar said there was a new movie out and I know it’s opening night for this new play they are doing at the community theater. You’re the tie breaking vote.’

‘Oh well if you guys don’t mind, I would much rather go to the play than a movie, I haven’t seen a play in forever!’

‘Uhh Fine! I’ll go to your damn play.’ Skandar said with a resigned voice.

‘Oh come on Skan Skan, we’ll have fun. Besides you can make out with Will the whole time if you must.’ Lisa smiled

‘Yeah Skan! You can make out with me the whole time.’ Will said winking over at Skandar, as he leaned in for a kiss. Skandar kissed him and then they broke apart. Will started into his eyes and saw the longing.
The girl brought their drinks over and proved enough of a distraction for the moment to be lost, yet again. The girl took their order of various sandwiches and an appetizer of waffle fries. It seemed only a second she was gone, before she was back, bringing them all refills and their fries. She told them she was getting off soon and that there would be another waitress looking after them. She walked away, They all sat about eating their fries and talking about nothing very important when Will saw her trying to start her beat up car. It just wouldn’t start. She finally slumped down in the drivers seat and put her head in her hands. She looked as if she was crying. Will got up and walked over to where her car was parked in the sand. He gently knocked on the window. She looked up at him and wiped away the tears in here eyes. She cranked the window down and looked up him.

‘You need any help?’ he asked

‘No, my car just won’t start. It’s fine I’ll just walk home.’ She said, her voice wavering

‘How about you come have dinner with us, then we can drive you home?’

‘No, No, I couldn’t do that.’

‘Come on. We ordered way to much food and it will just go to waste if you don’t eat it, besides since you left early we didn’t get a chance to tip you. It’s the least we could do, you were an great waitress’ He smiled at her

‘Uh, alright.’

‘Oh and if you want you can come to the play after dinner? It would be fun!’

‘Maybe. But I doubt it, I’m flat broke.’

‘Okay well then you can think it over! Oh and by the way…what’s your name?’

‘Chelsea.’ She answered ‘and yours?’

‘Will’ he smiled down at her ‘I’ll introduce you to the others.’

She rolled up the window and got out of her car, grabbing her purse but neglecting her keys. She locked the door. They walked over to the table and sat down. Skandar and Lisa looked from Chelsea to Will. Finally, Will introduced them. They warmed to her instantly, she was a very down-to-earth person,, exactly what they needed to balance them out. They found out a lot about her, she had ran away from her family at 18 and was now 21. She was one semester away from graduating college with her degree in Arabic Studies/Linguistics. She was very literate and not at all the person you would expect to be working at a café. She said she liked the atmosphere and even though she got paid a pittance, she loved the people she interacted with.

Eventually, their dinner came and even with Chelsea, as Will predicted, they had too much food. They had the extra boxed up and were about to leave for the theater when they decided they no longer wanted to go. Instead they got out the blanket that Skandar had put in his car all those months ago, set it out and sat down. When they were getting the blanket out, Will noticed that the bags of clothes they had bought were still there, untouched. He pulled Skandar aside to ask about them.

‘Skan, Why are these bags still back here?’

‘I never got around to taking them out’


‘Okay, I never took them out because when ever I looked back there it stopped me from hating you. I remembered all the good times we had on set, how we were best-friends, I remember the first time we made love. And it stopped me from hating you for leaving. And now your back.’

‘Aww Skan.’

‘Come on Will, we can’t keep the girls waiting forever’ Skandar ended the conversation. He grabbed the bags of clothes and walked out into the ocean. He dumped out all of the old clothes into the water and threw the bags in the water after the clothes. He waded back to the shore and ran up to Will, pulling him into a rough hug. Will returned the embrace, and he finally knew for sure it was going to be okay. They stood holding each other as the sun set. Lisa and Chelsea were sitting on the blanket, talking animatedly. The sun set and They all packed up and got in the car.

‘Chelsea… do you want us to take you home now or do you still wanna hang with us?’ Skandar asked as he pulled back onto the main road.

‘Where are we going?’ she asked

‘Back to our house…you see we all live together.’ Skandar explained

‘Well I guess if you guys don’t mind could I just crash at your house for the night. Because I think I locked my keys in my car.’ She said laughing, as she dug frantically though her purse

‘Yeah it’s fine. Do you have anywhere you need to be tomorrow morning?’

‘I have class at 10.’

‘Okay, We can drop you off at class and see if we can’t find someone to fix your car.’ Will told her.

‘Aww thank you guys so much!’

They all drove back to Skandar’s house. Lisa got out some cans of Diet Coke and bottled water and set them on the coffee table in the living room. Skandar turned on the TV and they all lounged around. Lisa and Chelsea watching the News and Will and Skandar lost in each other. Will excused himself and went off to bed. Skandar followed him in to the guest bedroom. Will undressed and lay in bed. Skandar did the same and settled down next to him, throwing his arm around his Will.

The last thought that flashed through Will’s mind before he fell asleep next to his Skan was ‘I’m Home’


Will and Skandar eventually got married. They had they ups and downs like all marriages do but they always loved each other. After a few years, they bought out the seaside café and spent their days running it. Lisa expanded her realty business into a global enterprise. He was the youngest CEO to have their company reach Fortune 100 status, she was also named Forbes second most powerful woman. She never married and was always there whenever Skandar or Will needed her. Chelsea quickly integrated into the group. She graduated with honors and went back to receive her PhD in Arabic Studies and a second PhD in Linguistics. She worked as a freelance translator and wrote a book on the origin of language, She never heard from her parents, even though unbeknownst to her they missed their only daughter and attended every lecture she gave. Chelsea adopted two boys, Sean and Dexter. Everyone lived happily ever after in that house.
Author’s Note: So I like this chapter slightly better. I don’t know. I just didn’t feel as if I did the story justice. Oh well, mabey next time ☺. Comments are most welcome and always enjoyed ☺
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