Azrael (immaculate_beam) wrote in willskandar,

Title: Finally (part 1/2)

Pairing: Will/Skandar

: G for now. (NC-17 next time!)

: I don't own them, I just wish.


There was nothing more in the world that Skandar wanted more than to be held by Will. Of course, Will was perfect. When all the “Pevensies” had met for the first time, Will had been too perfect to even hope to talk to. Tall, muscled, absurdly tanned, athletic, and overall gorgeous, Will wasn’t the type of person who would speak to Skandar. Skandar, who was almost too skinny, pale, and normal. Will, against Skandar’s expectations, had taken to him and the girls like a duck to water. And, perhaps because he was another guy, Will had become best friends with Skandar.

Skandar had never questioned his sexuality; indeed, he had always known that he was gay. Yes, Will was hot, but that had never posed a problem. Until now.

Lately, Skandar had been noticing things about Will. He noticed how Will was always so kind to everyone, how sentimental he could be, how he was always so happy to be who he was. Will was golden inside and out. Maybe Skandar was imagining it, but Will’s smile for Skandar always seemed to be a little bit bigger, always lasted a little bit longer than when given to other people.

When they shared hotel rooms, Skandar would sometimes look over at Will sleeping peacefully, his face cherubic and beautiful. When Will came out of the shower with nothing but a towel and dropped the towel to change (he wasn’t shy), Skandar had to look away…and then peak. The point was that Skandar was in the process of falling for Will, and everyday he fell for him even more.

Maybe Skandar should be worried about this, but he isn’t. If he’s lucky, Will would return his affection. If not, Will would be okay with it and remain his friend. That’s how amazing Will is. Even so, Skandar is waiting for the “right time” to tell him.


Will is confused. His sexuality has always been a bit of a question mark. His family has brought him up to believe that any sexuality was normal, despite their otherwise conventional Christian values. Thank goodness for that. Now the only problem is figuring out what his sexuality actually is. He’s always noticed girls, but sometimes he sees a beautiful guy and just wants to fuck him until he can’t see straight.

Okay, not so complicated, Will had thought, apparently I’m bi. Fine.

Now, however, Will knew another boy who was beautiful inside and out in every way and he didn’t know what to do about this feeling for another boy. Was the process the same as with a girl? The boy was Skandar. His best friend. Skandar was so…different and so wonderful. He was thin in the extreme, active but not athletic, smart, funny, talented, and ridiculously good looking. Skandar was the person Will had told everything. He had told him about growing up, the time he tried to kill himself and almost succeeded, how he would secretly put himself down if he did anything wrong, how Skandar, Anna, and Georgie were the best people he’d ever met. For God’s sake, he had even told Skandar about how he learned to wank. He told him everything. And now, he has feelings for the boy.


The entire day had been devoted to a dialogue scene, which were always the most exhausting ones. During the break, while Georgie and Skandar are gone to get lunch, Will finds Anna outside, lying in the grass, reading a book. He sits down beside her and she marks her page.

“Hey,” she says. “What’s with you?” Anna can always read Will’s face. Right now it says ‘I’m confused and I need advice.’

Will sighs. “I like Skandar.” There is a pause and Will looks at Anna before she attacks him.

“Oh, holy mother of God, finally!” she exclaims as she embraces Will and they both fall over. They are lying on the green grass and Will is asking “Finally what?” He’s a little bit winded and wants to laugh at Anna’s excitement.

“Will, I couldn’t tell you, but Skanar’s like you for ages.”

Will just stares at Anna for a moment, his mouth open. “Uh- what?”

“Yes,” Anna is now very excited. “I mean, he’s never told me, but it’s so obvious! He’s always staring at you, undressing you with his eyes, blushing when you speak to him…it can actually be a bit much to witness at times.”

Will is still too confused to realise how wonderful this situation is. Is Skandar gay? Why hadn’t he seen it before? Why hadn’t Skandar told him? Although, Will hasn’t exactly been upfront with Skandar.

“Well, if you’re sure…” he finally says, “I guess I’d better talk to him.”

Anna seems to have been following Will’s thought process, and just smiles. “Yeah, I think you should.”

Will gets up to go find Skandar. It might not be the right time, but he couldn’t wait.

“Hold on,” Anna pulls him down to eye level and pecks him on the cheek. “Good luck, Will,” she beams. Will suddenly feels extremely grateful for Anna’s constant support.

“Thanks.” He runs off.

Skandar is demonstrating the moon walk for Georgie in the lunch room in the Warehouse (a name they have all given the set building for it’s industrial appearance). Will just stands awkwardly to the side for a few seconds before pulling Skandar away by the forearm.

“Hey!” Georgie is indignant.

“I need to talk to him, girlie, sorry,” Will says hurriedly, not even bothering to ask Skandar. Ben looks almost knowingly at Will and smiles. Does everyone know? Will wonders.


About twenty minutes later, Will and Skandar are still in the lunch room and Andrew is yelling at them from afar to get their arses in the costume room and on set.

When they arrive in the costume room, Anna, Georgie, and Ben all stare at their entwined fingers before they each erupt into celebration. Anna exhales a “Finally”, Georgie screams at about four octaves higher than her usual voice, and Ben punches the air with a strange growling sound that they all assume is a noise of jubilation.

Will knows how Skandar feels when he squeezes his hand and they exchange smiles.

God, he’s so perfect.


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